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RO INTERNAL- UDRF (2018-2019)



The University of Delaware Research Foundation, Inc. (UDRF) is a nonprofit, tax- exempt organization for the support of fundamental research in all fields of science. Although an independent corporation, it is chartered primarily to support the University's research mission. In 1994, the UDRF Board of Trustees redefined its mission to focus on assisting only early-career permanent faculty as follows:

“The Mission of UDRF is to support the research mission of the University of Delaware in strengthening research and increasing national and international distinction of select graduate programs. In so doing, we will:

· Provide grants supporting the highest quality engineering and scientific research;
· Focus on assisting early-career, untenured, tenure-track faculty in areas of primary interest to the University, and
· Provide funds that supplement, but do not supplant, funds available from the University or other sources.”



UDRF will support high- quality engineering and scientific research projects by early-career, untenured, tenure-track faculty.  Grants are primarily in the fields of engineering and the natural and physical sciences.  However, any proposal that uses scientific methods and promises quantitative results is eligible for a grant regardless of academic focus or departments.  Grants will not be awarded to tenured faculty.  Previous recipients of UDRF grants are not eligible to apply for additional UDRF grant support at this time. Faculty may apply and receive both a UDRF and UDRF- SI grant.  However, only one award may be received per calendar year. 

Application Information:


The primary purpose of the research grant is to further the professional development of the recipient. In order to be selected for funding, the proposal must:
  • Be an original contribution (20%)
  • Be an important contribution (20%)
  • Be something the faculty member might be expected to complete in 1-2 years (20%)
  • If successful, lead to significant, continuing funding by outside sources (e.g. NIH, NSF, DoE, DoD, USDA, State, Foundations, Private Sector, etc.) (30%)
  • Have clarity of presentation (10%)
Note:  For investigators with significant present funding, there must be clear explanation/justification of how this proposal is different from the present funding of the principal investigator.

Begin Accepting Applications Date:
Deadline Date (EST Time Zone):
2/06/2019 5:00 PM